Monday, July 7, 2008

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Chronotopic Anamorphosis

This is a clever bit of trickery that involves incorporating lines from subsequent frames into the current one, thereby causing parts of the video to move through time.

Thanks to Neatorama.

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Don't worry, this has absolutely no connection to that entry a couple of posts back :-).

Dumpr is a clever service that insinuates one of your own images into any of a number of interesting templates.

They provide a mechanism for publishing the result to an amazing number of other online services.

For some reason, they've gone to some trouble to stop you from simply downloading it yourself.

Fortunately, that's easy to get around, using a screen capture utility!

Caliper Radio

I'd be surprised if the sound quality produced by this radio is anywhere north of mediocre, but I just love the design.

Moving the body of the radio itself to tune in a station is seriously cute.

It's called simply "08 Radio" and is the creation of Finnish designer Mikael Silvanto.

"Take A Dump In Your Pants ..."

"... If You Need To" is an example from a collection of weird placards people have used to motivate long distance runners.

My favourite was this one.

I can imagine, though, that the subsequent running might be just a little uncomfortable ... assuming she's any good at her job :-).

Thanks to Neatorama for the link.

This Is My World

Thanks to Mathematics Under The Microscope for showing me this wonderful image by Russian political cartoonist Mikhail Zlatkovsky, entitled "Facing Eternity".

It won the Ken Sprague Fund competition at Earthworks 2008.

I loved the title of Alexandre's blog post ... "One more cartographic projection" :-).