Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Food Tube

Now, here's an excellent use of technology ... Food Tube is a site that allows you to find videos of people preparing various recipes.

Sadly, my search for a good Thai Jungle Curry failed miserably (not that I need any help with that one, having cooked it many, many times), but at least I was able to find one for Green Curry Chicken.

As an aside, I still remember cooking a Green Curry of Crocodile for my then flatmate, Martin, and I the day after we'd had a "New Year's Eve in July" with a number of friends.

I made it so spicy that, in his somewhat fragile condition, Martin found it almost totally inedible ... all the more for me :-).


Anonymous said...

oh dear, i remember that party... i also recall a crocodile curry of yours that scarred my mouth for life!!

Steatopygous Mathophile said...

I thought that one was just chicken and the real problem was that I overcooked it and stupidly used soy sauce to add back some moisture.

So, in addition to the spiciness, it was very, very salty :-).