Saturday, December 8, 2007

Give Me Land, Lots Of Land ...

I just realised that I have yet to post regarding my new desk!

I bought it from Ikea on Tuesday. I won't go into the saga of the delivery; all I'll say is that it arrived over a day later than they promised.

According to the website, this desk requires two people to install, but I've never been one to heed that kind of namby-pamby, defeatist advice! However, by the time I'd finished, I could see their point :-).

It wasn't a huge problem screwing the pieces together, but standing it upright was another matter. The combination of the steel frame and the tempered glass top weighs around 40kg!

Add to that the long legs, which make it quite unwieldy to move around ... I have them fully extended to 90cm, for use with my draftsman's chair ... and I reckon I won't need to exercise again for a couple of weeks :-).

As always, it was well worth the trouble in the end. For the first time since I moved in, five years ago, I can actually use my spare room comfortably as an office.

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Anonymous said...

i'm tempted to say 'i told you so'... but i will hold my tongue :P