Sunday, December 23, 2007

"Is It Safe?"*

There's been a large amount of debate in the US, and elsewhere, over whether the practice of waterboarding is torture.

I think it's blindingly obvious that it is.

I also think that the arsehole who currently calls himself the "leader of the free world" should be waterboarded until he admits that it is.

However, it was still very interesting ... and incredibly disturbing ... to read this post from a chap who purports to have tried it on himself.

Of course, there's no hard evidence that he didn't just make all this up, but his detailed description of his approach and the effects makes it seem unlikely that he's misrepresenting himself.

I recommend having a stiff drink ready before you read his post!

Thanks to Metafilter for the link.

* In case you don't know, that comes from here

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