Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Perfect Mouse Pad

As you know, gentle reader, I bought a new desk recently, which I love to death.

However, it has one fatal flaw ... the surface is so uniform that my optical mouse doesn't track on it at all. So, I've been looking for a large, thin mouse pad.

While visiting with my dear friend Raif the other day, he suggested buying an artwork print of some kind and just sticking it to the glass.

This morning, I remembered that there's a place in Strathfield Plaza that will take any image you provide and create a large laminated printout of it. So, I jumped on to Google Images to see if I could find a picture that would be good for such a purpose.

One of the top search results was this one (NSFW).

While this seems like my perfect mouse pad, I have a niggling feeling that it would tend to draw my focus away from the work at hand :-).

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