Monday, December 17, 2007

Please Tell Me This Is A Joke!

While it's a nice play on words, the iPond is the most hideous and cruel concept I've heard of in a very long time.

It's a small single speaker, with an embedded fish tank.

Just looking at the adjacent picture, anyone with half a brain ... which would obviously exclude the vendor! ... can see that the tank is far too constricting for even the smallest fish.

What's more, the poor creature would be bombarded by whatever music was being played. I'm not sure whether fish can hear, but I'm certain the vibrations alone would be enough to cause considerable anguish ... and goodness knows what kind of crap someone stupid enough to buy this would be listening to.

It's a piscine Guantanamo Bay!

I say go out and find any bastard who has anything to do with this device and lock them in a cupboard with Britney Spears playing on an endless loop!

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