Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What A Rort!

Yesterday, I went to see Hitman, which is a movie adapted from the computer game of the same name ... although, I didn't know that until I saw it in the credits.

Yesterday was a Tuesday, when most cinemas discount their tickets. In the case of the Greater Union complex on George St in Sydney, this means that an adult gets in for $9. They even have a special little notice showing all the prices for discount Tuesdays.

So, I was somewhat surprised when the ticket seller asked me for $10. Obviously recognising the expression on my face, he jumped in to say "It's an extra dollar because that cinema has allocated seating."

Allocated seating?! It was 1030 on a weekday. They're charging me a dollar for a service I don't want and nobody needs, because the cinema is almost empty, anyway!

I think somebody should hire Number 47 to sort out some of the people in Greater Union's sales department!

I know this ridiculous allocated seating concept has been around for quite a while now, because the GU cinema in Burwood always asks me where I want to sit and gives me a seat number ... which I simply ignore. However, I have no idea how long they've been charging people for the privilege, because I normally buy a book of tickets that gives me a set, discounted price on every film.

In any case, I will be boycotting the entire Greater Union chain from now on, unless a film I want to see is on nowhere else. Until they remove this unwanted and unnecessary surcharge, I urge every right-minded person to do the same!

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