Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Better Google Reader

I love Google Reader. It allows me to get through the posts from over fifty blogs every day ... easily.

However, sometimes the presentation of a post within Reader isn't quite right, or the blog only feeds summaries. In both those cases, I end up clicking on the title to go to the actual post ... at least, I used to!

Yesterday, via Life Hacker, I discovered a Firefox extension called Better GReader, which aggregates a number of useful Greasemonkey scripts.
While I've not looked into all of its features yet, there are two that I find invaluable:
Clicking on the heading of a post replaces Reader's view of it with the post directly from the blog.

When you subscribe to a feed, it bypasses the intermediate page that asks whether to add it to your Google homepage or to Reader.
It also adds some keystroke shortcuts, which I plan to check out ASAP.

Absolutely recommended if you use Reader ... and if you don't use Reader, I recommend that you give it a try.

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