Thursday, January 3, 2008

Expressing Myself

A couple of years ago, I bought an Apple Airport Express wireless router.

I originally used Marconi to play audio from iTunes, running on my PC in the lounge room, through the stereo system in the bedroom.

Unfortunately, after having worked beautifully for a long time, Marconi started randomly resetting himself. I'm not sure whether this was his fault, or that of Tesla, the main wireless router he was talking to.

Anyway, since all I ever listened to was podcasts, and I always had those stored on my iPod anyway, I ended up cutting out the (virtual) middleman, by plugging the iPod into the stereo.

So, I've had this clever wireless router wasting away in a cupboard for over a year now. Poor little bugger :-(.

This evening, a blog post I read reminded me of him and I had a flash of inspiration ...

I now have Marconi plugged into the auxiliary port of Joni, the Tivoli Songbook in the bathroom.

Tomorrow morning, instead of listening to the ABC while I shower, I'll be able to enjoy a podcast, or any other audio of my own choosing!

Let's just hope Marconi's had a good enough rest to keep him working for a good long while.

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