Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Fret Killer

Seems like I'm channeling Neatorama today :-). They pointed me to this guy's page on YouTube.

I've watched half a dozen of his videos now and they're all fantastic. He plays a variety of musical styles impeccably ... and the bastard can sing, too!

While it's a little sad that he doesn't allow embedding of his videos, going to that page will allow you to choose one of the currently 94 that you like ... or just click on the image to see one of my favourites so far, The Etowah Shuffle.


Jonathan said...

I think Fret Killr is Martin Sexton.

PatrickJL001 said...

His name is Robert Paulson....maybe

Shelley said...

would love to know who Fret Killer is. Just discovered him on Youtube.