Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Oli's Bon Voyage Yum Cha

We had a farewell Yum Cha lunch for Oli today (he's moving to Canberra).

The food was more than acceptable and good value for money, as Yum Cha generally is ... so long as you don't over order, of course :-).

I took three photos, but one was too dark, because I had the flash turned off!

Anyway, here are the "good" ones ...

You have to love shots like these, that catch people mid-motion ... it looks like Dave's gone into a trance, Oli is trying to pull his tongue out with those chopsticks and Kirsten's just remembered she left the iron on :-).

Then there's this one, where Lorne is doing his best Hannibal "I don't blink" Lecter impersonation, Socs seems quite impressed by it, and Mark's playing the Silence of the Lambs theme on his teacup flute :-).

This is why I always try to make sure I'm the one with the camera!

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