Saturday, January 26, 2008

Say "Cheese"

I spent this afternoon helping my friends Carsten and Tina load the (second!) truck that will be wending its way to their new home in Bega tomorrow.

There were plenty of hands to share the work, so it was done in an amazingly short time. That's not to say that this little black duck isn't expecting to be more than a tad sore tomorrow.

I met some nice people and enjoyed the fun of watching seven youngsters having a damned fine time!

Here's a group photo. See if you can pick the odd man out ... I'll give you a hint; he was the only mathophile present :-).

Not a single space was wasted in the back of that truck. However, when they arrive at the other end, I hope Tina and Carsten remember the warning they give you at the end of every plane trip ... "The contents of overhead lockers may have shifted during the flight."

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Carsten Eckelmann said...

Thanks again for your help Harry! And I can report that not only was no space wasted inside that truck, but the contents were indeed so tightly packed that NOTHING shifted around during the 10 hour journey! Also everything arrived in mint condition, no broken windows or other glasses. A true miracle!