Friday, January 25, 2008


One of the things Apple left out of the MacBook Air, in order to achieve its svelte form factor, is built-in 3G internet access.

Of course, the theoretical solution to this is to use a USB modem. Unfortunately, it would seem that may not be quite so simple.

Engadget tried out one of the smallest available 3G modems, only to discover that it won't actually fit, due to the way the USB port on the Air is stored inside a small drop down panel, rather than simply being embedded directly into the chassis.

Of course, if the Air sells well, you can bet modem manufacturers will bring out models with casings that do fit ... both physically and aesthetically ..., but it's a very silly oversight from a company that boasts about its smart industrial design!

It will be interesting to see what other devices are too flabby to be accepted into the new MacBook's circle of friends :-).

As it happens, the 3G modem I'm most likely to use, from 3 is a little blob on the end of a cable, so I may just be in luck.

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