Saturday, February 16, 2008

Mathematicians In Love

I finally finished Eleven this evening.

As you will have guessed, the actual reading consumed only a fraction of the time that has elapsed since I started it.

After devouring the first story, I allowed the book to lie, neglected, until just a couple of days ago, my attention distracted by a myriad of things.

However, my procrastination should by no means be taken as an indictment of the book. While the stories were a mixed bag, each one was dark and twisted, with no happy endings to spoil the mood!

The next cab off the rank is Mathematicians In Love, a science fiction novel by Rudy Rucker.

I read two books from his "Ware" series a few years ago ... Software and Wetware ... and liked them both, so I'm looking forward to venturing down another branch of his output.

If nothing else, the title definitely suggests that this one will be right up my alley!

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