Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Now, I'm Really Annoyed

It's bad enough that we here in the Antipodes don't have the option of purchasing current US television shows, nor even current episodes of ones that are showing here, but that are woefully behind the US schedule.

Well, according to this rumour over at The Register, Apple may soon announce a deal with the BBC to sell their content on the iTunes Music Store!

If true, the septics, most of whom won't even appreciate much of the content, will be able to get it, while we here in Australia still can't even get our own bloody shows!

Come on Steve, when are you going to show us a little love?!

Update: Apparently, the BBC shows have aleady turned up ... however, they seem to be available on the UK iTMS only. So, while I'm still a bit peeved, at least the yanks aren't getting what I'm not, in this case :-).

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