Thursday, February 21, 2008

Soul Of A New Machine

Here's an interesting article on the work that went into designing and implementing the new Lenovo X300 ultraportable.

I've mentioned previously that I owned a Thinkpad 570 for many years, and was very sad when it finally gave up the ghost.

Sure it only had a Pentium 2 processor and 768MB of memory, but it was just a tad under an inch thick and weighed 4 pounds, yet like the Air it had a 13" screen and full size keyboard. For its time, it was a fantastic little machine.

If you're a Windows person and don't mind outlaying a chunk of cash ... as far as I know, the X300 hasn't been officially announced yet, so we don't have the actual price, but it won't be cheap ... I reckon it would be an excellent machine.

(The post's title is a reference to the book of the same name, which is a fascinating read along the same subject line)

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