Monday, March 10, 2008

Night And Day

As promised, here's a quick account of the 30th reunion bash for the Fort Street Class of 1978 held on Saturday night.

The venue was the Sydney Rowing Club in beautiful ...

Sadly, most of the shots I took inside are either horribly out of focus or blurred due to hand movement. I must set aside some time for experimenting, to find the best settings my poor old camera has for low light conditions.

Anyway, with that warning in place, here are a few photos of the event. As you can see, many of my former classmates are far better preserved than yours truly ... quite surprising, given the effort I have put in over the years to pickle myself :-).

Just to prove that it wasn't operator error, here's one that was obviously not snapped by your host ...

Due to the dim lighting, I only took a couple of videos. Most are too short to bother uploading ... and one I will keep to myself, to protect the privacy of the two participants!

So, here's the only useful one; everyone doing their best to remember the school song :-).

When the club closed, a small group moved on to the Balmain Leagues Club, just around the corner from where I lived during our schooldays.

Unfortunately, getting in was a tad painful ... not because we were excessively inebriated, but due to their requirement that visitors have evidence that they don't live close to the club.

A number of us, not being drivers, had no such documentation on our persons. Eventually, the night manager relented, so we were able to enter and more than quadruple their late night patronage.

They threw us out at around 0600. Most people went off at that point, but three of us popped into the city for a coffee, finally pulling the pin at 0730.

All in all, it was a wonderful evening ... 11 hours, actually. Hopefully, it won't be another ten years until the next one!

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