Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sad, But True

"The Real Cost of Financial Clutter on the Road to a Remarkable Life" is an essay over at Unclutterer that holds some hard truths, indeed.

Here are a couple of quotes ...

"Every time you spend a dollar, you sacrifice a bit of your future."

"Everywhere I looked around me in that apartment, I saw stuff I didn’t need. Video game consoles piled high under the television, along with a small mountain of games for the consoles. Over a thousand DVDs. A gigantic television set that dwarfed our living room, looking almost comically out of place."

I can certainly empathise with this. Over the years, I've spent a phenomenal amount of money on "stuff" ... some of which I threw out just a couple of months ago, and some of which still awaits ejection.

Every time I think of the thousands of dollars I've thrown away on CDs and DVDs, computers, gadgets, expensive dinners, nights out drinking and taxis, I feel just a little ill.

Fortunately, I've mended my ways ... apart from the occasional Apple lovefest :-) ... but if the description above sounds like you, I highly recommend the article.

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