Thursday, April 3, 2008

iPhone Apps On The Touch

I was absolutely stoked to read this article.

Some very naughty person has made the applications that were originally iPhone only available, as a resource for the installer that comes as part of the jailbreaking process.

While I have no real problem giving Stevie J twenty bucks for the applications, I was reluctant to do the requisite firmware upgrade, in case it screwed with the jailbreak.

As of about half an hour ago, I now have all of the iPhone apps on my iPod.

They work just fine. The most useful will be Notes, since it doesn't require internet access. The others will be less valuable, since the Touch has no always-on internet access, but very handy to have when I'm near a hotspot.

In any case, I'll give the twenty bucks to the next charity collector who doesn't accost me in the street.

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