Saturday, April 12, 2008

No To All

You just have to wonder sometimes, whether those boys in Redmond went to the bookstore, found every tome on good user interface design and marked each good practice as something to be avoided like the plague!

Have you ever tried to copy (or move) a number of files at once, only to receive a popup like the one pictured, asking whether you really want to process a particular file?

While there's a "Yes To All" button, if you don't want to continue for that file, all you can do is say "No". There's no button to say "No ... and don't ask me again".

However, thanks to Download Squad, it turns out there is a solution. If you hold the shift key down when pressing the No button, it's interpreted as "No To All".

Why the hell did they not just put that button in the dialogue?!

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