Thursday, June 5, 2008

An Awesome Lecturer

Apple just expanded iTunes U to cover more universities, including at least one in Australia ... the University of NSW.

So, I popped on over to see what lectures were available and stumbled upon some introductory C programming lectures by a chap named Richard Buckland.

When I finally make it into the teaching profession, I just hope my classes can be a fraction of the fun this bloke's are.

Even if you have no interest in computing, please watch at least some of this. I think Richard has a truly amazing ability to bond with his class.

Fortunately, the lectures are also on YouTube, so you don't need to subscribe to iTunes U unless you want to. Here's the one I watched last night.

A quick warning, though ... it starts out a little slowly, because it would seem the lecture theatre was a slightly tricky to find, so he waits a few minutes to give people a chance to get there.

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