Friday, November 23, 2007

Locked Out Again!

Update: Well, it turns out I was more the worse for wear this morning than I thought! In my post-alcoholic haze, I didn't notice that I'd left a 'j' out of "Jjot". So, no they hasn't been bought by Google, it was Jot, which happened ages ago. Nothing to see here, move along ...

I went to log into Jjot this morning, to print out the stuff I needed to take with me today, only to discover I was locked out!

Fortunately, this is not like the loss of access to my original gmail account recently, although it still involves the mighty Google.

Obviously, someone over at the Googleplex reads my blog and heeds its advice :-). They've acquired Jjot!

While it's a bit sad this very second, because I have to try to remember the stuff I jotted down yesterday, I'm sure that, in the long term, it will be great.

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