Saturday, February 2, 2008


I've never heard of Improv Everywhere before, but I'll definitely be following them from now on!

In this "performance", 207 of them entered Grand Central Terminal in New York and, on cue, simultaneously froze for a number of minutes and then continued, again simultaneously.

We've all seen one person do this, covered in gold paint, to look like a statue, and it's pretty mundane.

However, when over two hundred people do it, spread out across a large space, it's pretty amazing. Apart from looking incredibly effective, it causes others sharing the space to ask "What the hell is going on?".

I particularly enjoyed the confused security guard, calling for assistance, then saying "Never mind", a couple of seconds later, when the mob re-animated :-).

Check out Improv's website for more of their performances.

My very sincere thanks to Core 77 for the link.

Update: Here's another prank, spread across ten subways around the world, where hundreds of people took their pants off. The video's not quite as impressive, but one can imagine the effect on other commuters :-).

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