Thursday, February 7, 2008

Interesting Firefox Plugins

One of the first applications I installed onto Tao was Firefox.

Of course, a fresh install is bereft of plugins, so I last night decided that was a good excuse to see what interesting ones are around.

There were a few that I were definitely on my "must have" list ... Ad Block, Customise Gmail, Better Gmail 2, Better Greader and Grease Monkey, so they went in first.

Here are the others that I found during my search ...
Chroma Tabs
Colours your tabs to highlight which sites they are displaying

CSS Viewer
Does as its name suggests

Fisheye Tabs
Similar to the dock zooming in OS X (say goodbye to those annoying little arrows on either end of the tab bar)

Fox Clocks
Puts a set of international clocks of your choice in the status bar

Hyper Words
Allows you to do all manner of things with highlighted text

Live HTTP Headers
Apart from the obvious, it also has links to things like the whois database

Pic Lens
A nice interface to sites like Flickr and Google Images

Restart Firefox
Very handy when it Firefox starts eating memory

Tab Catalog
Kind of like expose for tabs

Video Download
Allows downloading of YouTube and other video content
My dear mate Paul had mentioned some of them to me previously, but this is the first time I got around to installing them.

There are so many that I've not evaluated them in detail yet, so take this list with a grain of salt. I may throw some of them away over time and will very likely add to them, too.

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