Thursday, February 7, 2008

Speak To Me

While I was showing Tao to Paul yesterday, a question arose as to how to pronounce "pedagogy".

I told him that I thought it could be either of two pronunciations, but pointed out that it was one of those words that I'd only ever read and never heard anyone else voice, so I could quite easily be wrong.

Well, as is often the way, today I discovered a neat solution for this kind of problem ... Howjsay will speak any word you type into it, so long as there is an entry for it in its quite extensive dictionary (I was quite impressed that it included "spruiker").

It even pronounces every word I've tried so far the way I would, and uses a decent, non-septic accent. You can't get much better than that!

As it happens, Howjsay agreed with one of my pronunciations for "pedagogy" and when I checked my Chambers it turned out that I was right for a change ... both the pronunciations I thought were acceptable are.

One more thing ... the reason I discovered Howjsay was because the Hyper Words plugin I mentioned in the previous post uses it.

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